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•project concept proposal

•proposal defination
For this project, i am required to redesign the official website for nando's malaysia.This project need to be complete within 7 weeks and at least 8 pages of html is needed. Nando's is one of the restaurant which specialize in chicken just like KFC. For now, the website is really not interesting compare to other country's nando's website. I would like to redesign the whole website so that throught out this website a lot more of customer will be attracted.

•current site's analysis goals
the main purpose to have this website is to provide the contact and the menu to customer for delivery purpose, update customer regarding to their latest promotion. Beside that, they provide the history and some of the neutrition facts, career opputurnity and 1 special page to introduce the activities that they have like art competition. I think the content itself does not have a lot of problem, the thing is the design need to be improve and the most important thing is the size of the content area, that is too small until they have double scroll bar, that is really not good cause they really distract audience's reading.

•client's analysis
Nando's is a restaurant chain originating from South Africa with a Protuguese theme. Founded in 1987, Nando's operates in 26 countries and on five continents.
Nando's specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot or extra hot peri-peri marinades. Side dishes such as spicy rice, fries, coleslaw, corn on the cob, cous cous, portuguese rolls or side garden salads. The restaurant is named after Nandie, the son of Fernando Duarte who is one of the founders of the chain, who is originally Portuguese. He and a friend, Robert Brozin, bought a restaurant called Chickenland in Rosettenville, southern Johannesburg, in 1987. This became the first Nando's restaurant, which incorporated influences from former Portuguese colonists from Mozambique, many of whom had settled on the south-eastern side of Johannesburg, after their homeland’s independence in 1975. All their store in country which consist muslim will be halal such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Lebanon. From July 24th 2009, Nandos will be selling frozen chicken in U.K wide supermarkets, accompnied by nandos sauce. Tesco and Morrisons will be the first to sell this new range. The range will include: Chicken Burgers, Fillet, Wings, Legs and Frozen Nandos Peri-Peri Pizzas. Nando's has online web stores in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA. Customers can purchase a range of Nando's branded sauces, sprinkles and apparel. Nando's also sells their range of sauces and sprinkles through major supermarkets.

•short and long-term site goals
for short term, i think they need to redesign the website then promote their own website by printing their url on their menu, name cards or serviette, let audience know they have an official website and tell them that they have delivery service. I believe throught this method the business value will be increase.

as for long term, maybe they can put in the online order for the home branded sauces like the uk, australia and the usa have to let the customer to order. Beside that i think they can have online order for delivery instead of phone call delivery. They can even try to let their customer to subscribe for newsletter so from time from time they can send them the latest promotion that they are having. Maybe they can try to create some interactive game which related to their menu or their special dishes so that throughtout those interactive game their customer will get to know more about nando's.

•target audience
the main target audience will be college student and working adult. In the website of cause they can get the latest information for nando's. When they want to make delivery orders they can log into the site to get the contact number and look at the menu. They can subsribe the newsletter and they can play with the interactive games that i mentioned just now. In future they might can be do online purchasing for the home branded sauces, sprinkles.

•competitor's analysis
The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant and Market is a chain of seafood restaurants inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. As of January 2009, 31 Bubba Gump's restaurants operate worldwide. Twenty-two of these locations are in the United States, two are located in Mexico
, and seven are in Japan, Bali, the Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong.Bubba gump is one of the competitor they are not only doing food and beverage bussiness, they even have like greeting cards, souvenirs and other stuff. Their websites contain all this stuff and they sell it online, they even create a page specially for kids. Inside that page they have the kids menu and of coz games to attract the kids. Throughtout these games children will always want to log into their website to play the game, in another hand the name "bubba gump" will make a big impact in these children's mind.

T.G.I. Friday's (often shortened to "Friday's") is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining
, with over 800 restaurants in over 50 countries. The company is a unit of the Carlson Companies. Its name is taken from the expression "TGIF" (short for "Thank God It's Friday" or "Thank Goodness It's Friday", though the restaurant asserts that it stands for the latter). The chain is known for its appearance, with red-striped canopies,brass railings, Tiffany lamps, and frequent use of antiques as decor. TGI friday is another competitor, the website is very nice, the whole website is alomost like a interactive menu for their restaurant is very clear and very nice. They even have a page to introduce all their retail products. The page is very convienient, customer can understand their menu from this website and when they arrive at the restaurant they can just order the food directly.

Secret Recipe is a lifestyle café chain and has become common in Malaysia following its debut in 1997. Secret Recipe has established its brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand as well. It serves cakes and fusion food in a service environment.The company has registered double digit growth for the past 5 years. In a period of seven years, Secret Recipe has expanded by over 100 cafes throughout the region. Some of the part of the main page are flash, but it think the way they do it is a little bit weird. They aready have the online purchasing for their cakes, they even know how to use the latest kid's cartoon to increase their selling value in cakes, they uses ben10 the latest famous kid's cartoon and put those character as the design of the cake to attract kids. They even have secret card which connected with diner club internation to attract customer to have meal oftenly in their restaurant due to they have special offer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


•this is my client's current website...

-the design itself is ok, but i think can be more attractive and interesting
-doesnt make me feel like wanna eat nando's
-the consistency is there,but i think can be more better.
-the navigator can be more interesting
-the frame is a bit too small, all the content the user even need to scroll down
so not really good.
-the image qualities, some of them a bit blur
-the delivery menu page looks weird, they are not align to the top
-the content are not consistent, some are neat some are not
-the banner under same category should be the same, for now is like different

•these are the competitor's websites....
[ajisen ramen]

-the navigator is a bit weird, the whole thing should be in one bar
-the about ajisen page, i think the typography for that page can be better
-the menu is very clear and neat, but when user click on it, they use a light box to
show a bigger size of the image, the image is actually not sharp enough
-when user click on the feedback, another window will pop up, but then the feedback
form does not fit the window size, need user to enlarge it or else the send button
cannot be seen

[bubba gump]

-i like the art direction for this website, is very nice
-i think they really take care of the user, they even have 1 particular page
for children
-the content are well plan, very neat easy to read
-it is interactive

[secret recipe]

-the design is very neat and very modern
-the photo shooting are very nice looks very delicious
-the drop menu for franchise got technical problem
-the content is very neat easy to read

[tgi friday]

-the index page have a lot of stuff to look at
-the idea of the menu page is very good, is just like you are flipping the menu
-they use the ambiance of the restaurant as bg music quite interesting
-the content are well plan
-some of the page are done by flash
•some of the references...
[the coffee bean]
-strong consistency for the website
-the layout is simple and clear
-a lot of things to view in the website
-the photos are very nice

-the art direction is very nice.
-the website is very interactive
-the website is very interesting, really make audience want to explore more

[starbucks coffee]
-the art direction is very nice...
-the idea is quite interesting, just like the black board they have in their counter
-is very interactive, some knowledge about their coffee

[burger king]
-the loading page is very interesting
-the information are arrage in a very neat and tidy way

•html.css.javascript library tutorial

•design tutorial

Friday, March 27, 2009

-user testing-

this is the interface design for my web class final project....
mmm...need comment to improve...xie xie lou
this is the main page....

this is the photo sharing page...

and...this is the main page of the tutorial page...
i will add in image later...

mmm..tis is the one of tutorial....

---------------------------------------------------------------- u like the design?
-ok o...
-mmm..iz ugly!

2.what do u think about the layout? the design consistant??
-some of them...

4.what do u think of the color mood?
-no color sense at all!

5.what do u like the most?
-color mood...
-character design...

comments for me to improve...xie xie lou

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

toy city....wuwuwuw

mmmm....some of the websites....

mmmm...i think tis one is nice...mmmm...simple...[]

mmmm...tis is cool....i lik
e the idea...btw is a starbuck website...hahah[]

mmm...i like graphics....[]


for the "how to make...?" project...i was thinking to do cardboard playhouse...mmm then...soft toys...and a toy car....the whole idea is like teaching the user to build a city for their audience would be are the tutorials that i found...

mmm..tis one is the cardboard playhouse...

then tis one is to make soft toy....

for tis one...actually i plan to use tis method to do the toy the creator actually uses things like boxes or core of the toilet rolls to do some "blocks" using tis method...i think i can do a car...hahah...

so tis is the toy car....mmmmm