Sunday, May 17, 2009


•this is my client's current website...

-the design itself is ok, but i think can be more attractive and interesting
-doesnt make me feel like wanna eat nando's
-the consistency is there,but i think can be more better.
-the navigator can be more interesting
-the frame is a bit too small, all the content the user even need to scroll down
so not really good.
-the image qualities, some of them a bit blur
-the delivery menu page looks weird, they are not align to the top
-the content are not consistent, some are neat some are not
-the banner under same category should be the same, for now is like different

•these are the competitor's websites....
[ajisen ramen]

-the navigator is a bit weird, the whole thing should be in one bar
-the about ajisen page, i think the typography for that page can be better
-the menu is very clear and neat, but when user click on it, they use a light box to
show a bigger size of the image, the image is actually not sharp enough
-when user click on the feedback, another window will pop up, but then the feedback
form does not fit the window size, need user to enlarge it or else the send button
cannot be seen

[bubba gump]

-i like the art direction for this website, is very nice
-i think they really take care of the user, they even have 1 particular page
for children
-the content are well plan, very neat easy to read
-it is interactive

[secret recipe]

-the design is very neat and very modern
-the photo shooting are very nice looks very delicious
-the drop menu for franchise got technical problem
-the content is very neat easy to read

[tgi friday]

-the index page have a lot of stuff to look at
-the idea of the menu page is very good, is just like you are flipping the menu
-they use the ambiance of the restaurant as bg music quite interesting
-the content are well plan
-some of the page are done by flash
•some of the references...
[the coffee bean]
-strong consistency for the website
-the layout is simple and clear
-a lot of things to view in the website
-the photos are very nice

-the art direction is very nice.
-the website is very interactive
-the website is very interesting, really make audience want to explore more

[starbucks coffee]
-the art direction is very nice...
-the idea is quite interesting, just like the black board they have in their counter
-is very interactive, some knowledge about their coffee

[burger king]
-the loading page is very interesting
-the information are arrage in a very neat and tidy way

•html.css.javascript library tutorial

•design tutorial